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Bamboo Hair Brush Set

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A well-rounded natural brush for styling and detangling wet or dry hair of any length. This brush set comes with a brush cleaner and a comb to cover all your hair care needs.

Made of bamboo and natural rubber, the brush works through those tangles while gently massaging the scalp and promoting blood circulation. Whether you’re travelling or at home, its unique round brush head is perfect for all situations and for years to come. When your styling needs preciseness, the bamboo comb has you covered. It can fit anywhere you need it and help tame your hair on the go.

When it's time to clean that build-up, the brush cleaner comes in handy to take those hairs away. These are all set in a travel-friendly bag that makes it easy to store or bring with you.

Say goodbye to those stray hairs and digging through your bags to find what you need! You won't have to choose when you have this set around.

1 Bamboo Hair Brush: 5.3 x 1.2inch or 13.5x3cm
1 Bamboo Comb: 9x3.1inch or 23x8cm

🎋 Bamboo Brush Set contains:
1 Bamboo Hair Brush
1 Brush Cleaner
1 Bamboo Comb
1 Reusable Gift Bag

════ Features ════
🌱 Bamboo-based: sustainable and one of the fastest-growing plants. It uses little water to grow, self-replenishes, requires no pesticides, fertilizer, or irrigation & more economical than other woods.
🌱 Well-rounded (literally): round shape allows for ease of use for all styling, detangling needs.
🌱 All Bamboo Bristles: gently massages and soothes the scalp, helping improve circulation.
🌱 Easy to clean: hair removal made easy with the brush cleaner.

════ Directions ════
To detangle hair, brush in a downward motion.

Avoid soaking the bamboo hair brush set in water. Pat dry when needed.

════ Disposal ════
Repurpose the bamboo hair brush as a body massager, back scratcher, pet groomer, etc.

Check your city's waste management info before disposal. Bamboo can be classified as recyclable or garbage depending on cities' recycling capabilities.

If unsure, always consider composting in your backyard before throwing away.

════ Care Tips ════
- use brush cleaner to gently remove hair build-up
- dry with a towel after contact with water

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