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Over 2 billion razors and blade are thrown out each year in the U.S.

🌿 Let's due something about it! 🌿

The Dish Sets! 

Be more eco-friendly in the kitchen! 

With eco-sets!


  • Natural

  • Non-scratch

  • Safe

  • Design


Coconut fiber: coconut husk is naturally oil-resistant without any chemicals, plastic, or BPA.


Non-scratch: safe for use with cast iron or stainless steel cookware.


Safe & worry-free: no toxins or worries that microplastics passed to the food or the environment 


Easy to hold and to hang: non-slip, compact design conforms to contour of the palm; hanging loop to air dry when not in use


How Does it Help the Environment?

How to use it?

Brush pots, dishes, and other surfaces with dish soap as needed

to replace the Sisal Dish Brush head, please be as gentle as possible to be safe:

1. use pillars to pinch the metal piece

2. pull the brush head and the brush handle on opposite sides slowly to remove the old brush head

3. slide on a new brush head until the metal piece is back to its original position to hold it tight.


  • 1 Sisal Hand Brush
  • 1 Sisal & Palm Pot Scrubber
  • 1 Cotton Bag with Drawstrings

  • with options to add: 

    • Solid Dish Soap Bar (8 oz)
    • Solid Dish Soap Bar (8oz), Self-drying Soap Dish
    • Soap Dish Soap Brick (13oz)
    • Soap Dish Soap Brick (13oz), Self-drying Soap Dish

See more details below!

Care Tips

  • Rinse with water after each use and air dry with the bristle facing down
  • Clean bristles (as needed) with vinegar to kill bacteria.
  • Avoid soaking in water to prevent cracks
  • Avoid placing in the dishwasher
  • Place away from high heat or flames note: oil brush handles to reduce the potential of cracking if you regularly submerge your dish brushes in water. 


Repurpose the brush for shoe cleaning, general house cleaning, gardening, etc. check the city's waste management info before disposal. If unsure, always consider composting in the backyard overthrowing into the garbage.
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Zero Waste Cleaning Set - Soap Dish Kit

Looking for more eco-friendly products?

Zero Waste Cleaning Set - Soap Dish Kit - Starting a zero waste journey? This Zero Waste Cleaning Set features a super versatile dish soap that pairs perfectly with natural brushes, sponge, and produce bags. The dish soap bar eliminates the need to purchase dish soap in plastic bottles. It is also a powerful stain remover for any oil and stain on fabrics such as sponge cloths and produce bags.

With these plant-based tools, all the mundane kitchen activities will become a breeze! It makes a wonderful everyday gift for friends and families who are switching to a low waste lifestyle, or someone that enjoys cooking.

Another great Eco-friendly Vegetable Brush.



  • 1 Soap Bar (128g)
  • 1 Sisal Dish Brush
  • 2 Sisal Brush Refill Heads
  • 1 Sisal & Palm Pot Scrubber
  • 1 Dual-layer Bamboo Soap Dish

Save the Bees and Plant Trees!

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